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Diabetes and Dupuytren’s Contracture

Diabetics can develop complications other people don’t have, or at least they’re more prone to them and diabetes and Dupuytren’s contracture, or disease, is one of them. I’ve been developing Dupuytren’s on both hands for a few years n...


Diabetes UK Bike Ride Press Release

I’m going to take part in the Diabetes UK bike ride on 29th September: a 50 mile ride in the Peak District, and was recently mentioned in one of their press releases. [Post script: unfortunately the event was cancelled. Turned up, no one...

Finisher's Medal

Being forgetful

I’ve been forgetting things recently. I’ve been wondering if being forgetful and diabetes is common. A couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever I left my insulin pen at home when leaving for work so when it came to lunch I had few op...

New bike, Moda Interval

New bike, Moda Interval

I bought a new bike about a month ago – a full carbon Moda Interval!!! My previous bike was a Scott Expert, aluminium frame, Shimano Sora group set. Bought it 10 years ago and the frame was cracked where it joins the seat post. It had tr...

Holymoorside 10k

Race Report: Holymoorside 10k

I did the Holymoorside 10k today. This was my second outing, my first being in 2010. I seem to recall my time then was 52 mins (only last year’s results are still up on their website so I can’t verify). This time it was … you’ll just ha...

Me and Rhodri

Race Report: Ashbourne Duathlon

Weather had been awful for days. Officially much of the UK is in a drought – but it’s been the wettest drought we’ve known for years! Nonetheless, weather was dry but windy. Was quite nervous to start with as I’d not done an endurance e...



I went spinning at the gym last Sunday. What fun. Not done it for years. Glucose levels, fine. I cycled a different route to work on Tuesday and took in part of the course for the duathlon. It’s a lovely route. Very pretty. As I pounded ...

My bike
26/04/2012Biking, Events, Hypos, Training

Trying some variations

I sometimes cycle to work – a 40km trip – and back. It’s a nice ride. However I still find it difficult to keep my sugar levels high on the return journey. The morning ride is generally fine. Have a bowl of cereal about an hour before I ...


Cooking at Tideswell

I was given some vouchers for Christmas to attend a course at a local cooking school, Tideswell School of Food. I booked myself on a Vietnamese and Thai course which I’ve just completed. It was fun but the first course, Vietnamese, I fe...


Ashbourne Duathlon

Right, I’ve entered the Ashbourne Duathlon on 28th April with a mate. He’s a 2-time Ironman so I’m not going to race him. I’m just looking at this as an event – not a race or even competition. Luckily it’s only about 10 mins from home. ...



I came across this website the other day: Triabetes. What a great name! Not sure how many members they have (it’s an NGO I think) but will have to check it out and maybe buy some of their kit for my event next month. Oh yeah! Will have ...

31/03/2012Biking, Hypos

Bike to and from work again

I biked to and from work again on Wednesday. It was pretty chilly at 6:30am and it took my toes at least an hour to thaw after I reached the office. Did it in 1hr 35 mins which beat my previous attempt by 10 mins. However I went a slight...


Back into bike riding

“Eeeeee, what a day!”. Will blog on this tomorrow or so but had the wonderful idea of cycling to work and back today. The round trip was 85 kms. Here they are: bike to work and bike back home....

Matlock Athletic Club Annual Dinner

MAC annual dinner

Just had the Matlock Athletic Club annual dinner and awards at our sponsor’s, Maazi. A curry night. Woo hoooo! Alan Pickering won the club’s top award. He’s only been running 19 months and is something of a superstar. Done nothing but ea...


Got a Cold

I’ve had a cold for a few days which has really put my ‘getting in to a habit‘ out of kilter. Not done any exercise since last Saturday and my sugar levels been rocketing! I’m quite annoyed as going on insulin is supposed to help. Am wat...


Ashbourne H3, Wetton

As you read this blog I hope you’ll become accustomed to the Hash, our nick names and frivolity. Durex (aka Chris) is the GM / Grand Master and writes a blog on each and every hash he does. Clearly he has nothing better to do with his ...

11/03/2012Hypos, Running

Getting into a habit

I don’t mean a nun’s habit. Cross-dressing has never been my thing. I mean one revolving around sport and exercise to help me lower my sugar levels. Went to the gym on Wednesday and did the stair climber for 30 mins then a 15 minute run....