Being forgetful

I’ve been forgetting things recently. I’ve been wondering if being forgetful and diabetes is common. A couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever I left my insulin pen at home when leaving for work so when it came to lunch I had few options other than a cold glass of water! In fact I had a fruit salad which was nice and helped me keep my sugar low.

Then, two days later, I biked to work, took my insulin pen but forgot a needle! An apple for lunch sufficed.

To add insult to injury I’d also just written a draft of this blog post, went for dinner at my mum’s and guess what? I’d left my insulin pen at home again! Mein Gott!

Then, stayed over at my sister’s the other night and forgot my Levemir (long-lasting insulin). Saying that though I’d packed my bike and bags for a sportive (long bike rides organised by local bike clubs; this one was 91kms) so I was kind of preoccupied and I’d tried to remember everything – gels, bars, gunge (drink) – but apparently didn’t do so well. Doing a long bike ride yesterday though I don’t think I needed any Levemir.

There could be a lesson in here somewhere … Has anyone else with diabetes experienced being forgetful? Is it just like leaving your wallet at home (which I did last week when off to the gym, but they kindly allowed me to pay next time)? Or forgetting to turn off the lights? Maybe.

Being absent minded isn’t a trait of mine but I know diabetics, if blood sugar level is low, can often be forgetful. I think I just had other things on my mind. I think one of the things is having to remember a few more bits and bobs now I’ve been injecting 4 times a day for the past 6 months as a T1. Just a thought.

By Robin Eyre