Trying some variations

My bike
My bike

I sometimes cycle to work – a 40km trip – and back. It’s a nice ride. However I still find it difficult to keep my sugar levels high on the return journey.

The morning ride is generally fine. Have a bowl of cereal about an hour before I set off and 1/2 the amount of usual insulin, i.e. maybe 2 units. Arrive at work and, to date, I’m below 10 (180).

Going back home I set off with a reasonably good level (I like to be between 11-13 (198-234) before any strenuous exercise) yet always find myself low (very low) after about 20km – there’s a petrol station where I can refuel. How low? About 2-4 (36-72). So I stock up on a flapjack and chocy etc. I figured this might be because I didn’t have a meal before setting off.

So this week I had a big sandwich before leaving work and half the amount of insulin I’d normally take with that amount of food … and lo and behold I still came crashing down to 3.6 (65) by the 20km mark. I was 11.3 (203) before the sandwich. This was disappointing as I felt fine. If I’d not stopped I feel I could have been in trouble so there’s a lesson here …!

So I had a Maxi Fuel gel and half a flap jack and set off again hoping it would last me the other 20km back home. Errm, sort of. Checked 1/2 an hour later: 7 (126) so had a Power Gel – ooohhhhh, they’re good, strawberry and banana. Suppose it was going in the right direction though.

Still trying to plan my strategy for this week’s event: Ashbourne Duathlon. I think my plan will be:

  1. During run: Viper Active drink
  2. Transition 1: test + gel + flapjack
  3. Bike ride: more drink, test half way, gel (+ flapjack if necessary)
  4. Transition 2: test + gel

Sounds like a plan 🙂