Got a Cold

I’ve had a cold for a few days which has really put my ‘getting in to a habit‘ out of kilter. Not done any exercise since last Saturday and my sugar levels been rocketing! I’m quite annoyed as going on insulin is supposed to help.

Am watching the last day of the 6 Nations rugby at the moment though I need to squeeze in a bike ride or a run. The weather’s good (well, it’s dry and not too cold) and Ashbourne Duathlon is approaching fast. Only about 6 weeks away. Yikes! I’m getting a bit worried as I’ve done so little training. Entering it with my mate Rhodri who’s quite a star when it come to triathlons having done 2 ironmen events.

Ashbourne Duathlon (I’m calling it an event rather than a race or competition!) is a run – bike – run: 12km – 40km – 4km. I reckon it’ll take me around 3 hours. I’m also a little concerned as, ever since I’ve been diagnosed as Type 1 and been insulin dependent, my sugar level just dives as soon as I do any exercise. Will blog about that one day soon.