Race Report: Holymoorside 10k

Holymoorside 10k
Part of the course

I did the Holymoorside 10k today. This was my second outing, my first being in 2010. I seem to recall my time then was 52 mins (only last year’s results are still up on their website so I can’t verify). This time it was … you’ll just have to read on!

‘Moorside is a lovely rural, Derbyshire village. I was in fact at primary school here and we lived just a few miles outside the village so I have good memories of it – I think most people have positive memories of primary school don’t they. The run raises funds for the local Cub Scouts, of which I used to be a member 30 (ahem)-ish years ago. ‘DYB, DYB, DYB. DOB, DOB, DOB’ and all that. I don’t recall doing a 10k run was one of the badges you could earn though.

I awoke with sugar level 11.2. Had been ‘umm-ing and ahh-ing’ whether to do this race or go for a bike ride, but the weather was good and I felt reasonably healthy after a run out yesterday with the Ashbourne Hash at Cannock Chase. However it was a race to the start after I’d finally made the decision, got my stuff together, driven there (20 mins), found a place to park near to registration and paid. That left me with precious little time to change etc and head off to the start. Not the ideal pre-race prep. Just got there in time. Learn from this!!

I didn’t take any insulin with breakfast. All I had was an apple and felt I’d ‘run it off’. It was also the first time I’d done a 10k without any carbohydrate drink. This was planned and not a case of leaving it in the car due to my pre-race rush. I usually take 500ml+ of PSP22 or Viper Active, but kind of felt confident enough to be out for 50-60 mins without a drink. I knew the course. Still, took a bum bag with gels and testing kit.

The course is literally 50% up hill gaining 200m+ in elevation, then 50% down so I don’t think any records are ever broken here. This is my route for the Holymoorside 10k.

Finished with sugar level 10.6 which was surprisingly high so I think I should still take a dose of insulin even if my brekky is small – see other posts about this.

My time: 52 mins 15 secs. I’m quite pleased actually: I just finished in the top half: 119 / 246 competitors!!! Astounding. This never happens. Honestly. In every event I’ve entered I’m always in the lower half and pretty much in the lower third. I was also 8kgs lighter when I ran this two years ago so I figure I’m getting a bit fitter, able to carry more weight at same speed.