Bike to and from work again

I biked to and from work again on Wednesday. It was pretty chilly at 6:30am and it took my toes at least an hour to thaw after I reached the office. Did it in 1hr 35 mins which beat my previous attempt by 10 mins. However I went a slightly different way to Cromford (down the Via Gelia – an odd name) rather than down through Wensley, Darley Dale and Matlock which took 3 mins off. Also didn’t stop to ask directions once I was in Derby.

James, a colleague, also biked in and showed me a better route out of Derby. I’d got lost before and added 5 miles on to the trip!

Tested myself before I set off back home and was pretty high (19 / 342) but┬ájust over half way I thought I’d stop and test again and lucky I did as I was 2.5 (45) so I stopped for 15 mins, had something to eat and set off again. I was very surprised I went so low so quickly.