About Me

Hi guys and gals.

Robin Eyre, diabetes and exercise
Me after a wet and snowy run!

I thought I’d start writing a blog on diabetes and exercise. Why? Well:

  1. I hope it motivates me to keep my sugar levels down
  2. It might motivate others wanting to exercise as well
  3. I would appreciate feedback from those with similar experiences

Diabetics, just like everyone else, should lead a healthy lifestyle and having diabetes shouldn’t stop you from being active. In fact, one of the best ways to keep blood sugars down is to exercise. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a full blown Ironman triathlon having diabetes shouldn’t hold you back.

But this is also intended for any diabetic who wants to do more exercise (perhaps get into exercise) whether it’s footy, rugby, running, cycling, kabadi, takraw, cheese rolling or toe wrestling. Hey, whatever turns you on! (By pure coincidence, the toe wrestling vid took place not too far from me and happens to be at the same pub we did the Wetton run from).

So, who am I? That’s me here. No super hero. Well, not yet but I’m working on it. Diagnosed at the age of 35 in early 2008 while working in Laos in Southeast Asia. Was never initially diagnosed type 1 or 2 though we have a family history of Type 1 diabetes. Was given type 2 medication to start with but I think that was because most people generally are and it’s therefore perhaps a logical diagnosis to start with. However, since returning to the UK I’ve had various tests and been diagnosed as type 1 since January 2012 so now on regular doses of insulin throughout the day.

(I was told this was a bad picture of me. I do still have some hair!)

As this is an exercise blog, with a few other bells and whistles, here’s my exercise background.

Generally keep fit. Played rugby in UK and overseas being a founding member of three clubs, squash, swimming, biking and running. Been on some cycling holidays including Czech-Romania-Poland, Lhasa-Kathmandu and around North of England. I did a few triathlons of varying lengths in the past in the UK and overseas but all, bar one sprint tri in the UK, were pre-diabetes.

My crowning moment must be the Outlaw Ironman Triathlon I did in July this year, 2013: a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a marathon. I loved it.

But my exercise tends to go in fits and starts so I’m now considering my next challenge.

What I intend to blog about is what exercise I’ve done, glucose levels, how I feel, what event(s) I’m gearing up for, what food and drink I take before, during and after and basically anything that might help me and you perform better and keep those sugar levels down. Ideas are welcome.

The site’s not affiliated with any organisation, just my own ideas and meandering experience. It’s intended to be helpful but light-hearted and I’d appreciate sensible feedback – as may other people who read the site – so do get in touch if you have any comments via the blog or the contact form.

What I should say from the start is that I’m not a doctor or medical practitioner so do not take what you read on this site as medical advice. Always get advice from a medical professional. Links are provided on other pages to point you in the right direction and I strongly recommend you consult these. You get the idea.

So here goes …