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My bike

Trying some variations

My bike

My bike

I sometimes cycle to work – a 40km trip – and back. It’s a nice ride. However I still find it difficult to keep my sugar levels high on the return journey.

The morning ride is generally fine. Have a bowl of cereal about an hour before I set off and 1/2 the amount of usual insulin, i.e. maybe 2 units. Arrive at work and, to date, I’m below 10 (180).

Going back home I set off with a reasonably good level (I like to be between 11-13 (198-234) before any strenuous exercise) yet always find myself low (very low) after about 20km – there’s a petrol station where I can refuel. How low? About 2-4 (36-72). So I stock up on a flapjack and chocy etc. I figured this might be because I didn’t have a meal before setting off.

So this week I had a big sandwich before leaving work and half the amount of insulin I’d normally take with that amount of food … and lo and behold I still came crashing down to 3.6 (65) by the 20km mark. I was 11.3 (203) before the sandwich. This was disappointing as I felt fine. If I’d not stopped I feel I could have been in trouble so there’s a lesson here …!

So I had a Maxi Fuel gel and half a flap jack and set off again hoping it would last me the other 20km back home. Errm, sort of. Checked 1/2 an hour later: 7 (126) so had a Power Gel – ooohhhhh, they’re good, strawberry and banana. Suppose it was going in the right direction though.

Still trying to plan my strategy for this week’s event: Ashbourne Duathlon. I think my plan will be:

  1. During run: Viper Active drink
  2. Transition 1: test + gel + flapjack
  3. Bike ride: more drink, test half way, gel (+ flapjack if necessary)
  4. Transition 2: test + gel

Sounds like a plan 🙂


Bike to and from work again

I biked to and from work again on Wednesday. It was pretty chilly at 6:30am and it took my toes at least an hour to thaw after I reached the office. Did it in 1hr 35 mins which beat my previous attempt by 10 mins. However I went a slightly different way to Cromford (down the Via Gelia – an odd name) rather than down through Wensley, Darley Dale and Matlock which took 3 mins off. Also didn’t stop to ask directions once I was in Derby.

James, a colleague, also biked in and showed me a better route out of Derby. I’d got lost before and added 5 miles on to the trip!

Tested myself before I set off back home and was pretty high (19 / 342) but just over half way I thought I’d stop and test again and lucky I did as I was 2.5 (45) so I stopped for 15 mins, had something to eat and set off again. I was very surprised I went so low so quickly.

Getting into a habit

I don’t mean a nun’s habit. Cross-dressing has never been my thing. I mean one revolving around sport and exercise to help me lower my sugar levels.

Went to the gym on Wednesday and did the stair climber for 30 mins then a 15 minute run. Was quite sufficient having not done any exercise for errr, too long. A few weeks. I’d just got into a lazy mode. Felt a bit of a twang in my left knee so 45 mins was quite OK.

Then on Thursday I resumed my running with Matlock Athletic Club. I’m so intermittent here. No, in fact my attendance has not been exemplary. It really is good fun but this time last year I found I was really improving and kinda fell off the radar. Perhaps I’d felt I’d already achieved. It was a good distance. I’m always one of the slowest runners and Emily, a newbie, and me found ourselves alone after not too long. Here’s the link from my Garmin: MAC Flash Dam run. As you can see we’re pretty pacey!

However, literally bang on halfway round I had a hypo (3.8 / 68.4). I wolfed down a Power Gel and spent the return leg jogging very slowly and walking. Adding insult to injury my knee was also playing up again. I reckon having done bugger all exercise for (ahem, cough, cough) four weeks I was putting a lot of strain on my legs doing a 15km run straight off. Disappointing. Emily and I have promised to keep up our attendance. Watch this post to see if we do.

When I got back home I was quite high (16 / 288) so only had some soup for dinner and injected rather more insulin than usual to compensate. Within two hours I was feeling a little uneasy, tested myself and was the lowest I think I’ve ever recorded (2.2 / 39.6). Yikes!

Panic, panic. Dash to the fridge: cranberry juice, chocy (I like chocy), gluco gel, sandwiches … a little worrying. Next morning I was about 10 (180). First time I’d used gluco gel. The nurse said it wouldn’t taste so nice, and it didn’t, but hey it worked.

Then yesterday, Saturday, I ran the hash. Nothing to do with tokin’ weed. This is our website: Ashbourne Hash House Harriers and the run at Wetton. Sugars were fine all the way through but obviously wary of events a coupe of days ago. Knee still playing up and walked for some of it, certainly towards the end. You may also want to check out this link for the Hash to know more about it.