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Cooking at Tideswell

I was given some vouchers for Christmas to attend a course at a local cooking school, Tideswell School of Food. I booked myself on a Vietnamese and Thai course which I’ve just completed. It was fun but the first course, Vietnamese, I felt quite out of my depth. Two days later though at the Thai course I felt more comfortable. The odd thing is I spent nine years in Southeast Asia. The food was great but I never attempted to cook myself (so to speak).

East asian food can be quite sweet so I laid off pouring in the sugar and spiced it up with chilli instead. The overall effect was pretty powerful – just how I like it.

The Vietnamese menu was:

  • Prawn and pork toast
  • Spring rolls
  • Peanut sauce
  • Chilli dipping sauce
  • Vietnamese eggplant in claypot (though we used a sauce pan rather than a claypot!)

And the Thai menu was:

  • Thai prawn toast
  • Sweet chilli sauce
  • Papaya salad
  • Stir fry noodles Thai style

And here are the results …


MAC annual dinner

Matlock Athletic Club Annual Dinner

MAC Dinner and Awards

Just had the Matlock Athletic Club annual dinner and awards at our sponsor’s, Maazi. A curry night. Woo hoooo! Alan Pickering won the club’s top award. He’s only been running 19 months and is something of a superstar.

Done nothing but eat today as well. Had a HUGE meal at my mum’s as it’s Mother’s Day and I feel in desperate need of a run as my sugar levels are surely too high and I’ve just ballooned with everything I’ve eaten. However also trying to get rid of this cold I’ve picked up so think I shouldn’t exert myself too much and hey, it’s 10:50pm, so it’s not gonna happen.